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Safety doesn't have to be a luxury. With Snappy, you're always a click away from help.
And with the Watch Me feature, your authorized contacts know where you are in real time.

Watch Me Feature

In sketchy situations enable the Watch Me feature to alert your emergency contacts of your whereabouts in real time.

Safety Speed Dial

Whether it's a fire, health emergency, or safety emergency, our speed dials call the right departments without wasting seconds.

Emergency Contact Speed Dial

Get help from your three most important contacts right from the homescreen.

Full Emergency Phonebook

We've even built an address book for less-used numbers for issues such as cyber crime, women crisis response, and earth-quake help lines, just to name a few.

Stay Tuned

We're constantly adding more features to keep you safe. Stay tuned for upcoming features like medical appointment booking and the ability to browse for safe cabs near you.


Why take chances? Download the app that keeps you safe.
With key safety features and more on the way, downloading the app just makes sense.
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Meet Snappy

Real-Time Safety

Snappy's goal is simple. We want to give you all the safety features you need in the moment. This includes sending your location to emergency departments and family. This includes auto-updated emergency numbers based on your location anywhere in the world. This includes helping you shop for safe cabs, Ubers, and Olas. We even help you book doctor appointments straight from the app.

  • Watch Me feature
  • Book safe cabs
  • Police, fire, ambulance speed dial
  • Emergency number address book
  • GPS location auto-send
  • Auto-updated #s based on location
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